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    The Easiest and Hardest Programming Languages to Learn by


    11,016 reads

    May 1st 2023


    by @techreviewersula 11,016 reads

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    VIDEO: STOP Learning These Programming Languages (for Beginners)
    Andy Sterkowitz

    Programming language learning can be an intimidating process, therefore, it is recommended to start with the easiest.

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    <p>The writer is smart, but don't just like, take their word for it. #DoYourOwnResearch before making any investment decisions or decisions regarding you health or security. (Do not regard any of this content as professional investment advice, or health advice)</p></br />">


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    <p>The code in this story is for educational purposes. The readers are solely responsible for whatever they build with it.</p></br />">


    VIDEO: Top 10 Most Useless Languages to Learn
    Language Simp
    <p>This writer has a vested interested be it monetary, business, or otherwise, with 1 or more of the products or companies mentioned within.</p></br />">


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