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Electric Mountain Bike | Best Mountain Bikes Buy Guide And Review

An electric mountain bike has a battery and an electric motor. The motor only works when you are pedalling, as a ‘power assist’. The motor stops assisting once speeds of 25 kph (15.5 mph) are reached. We guide you through the process mountain bike of buying the best electric mountain bikes, from explaining what they do and don’t do, through to recommending key bikes.Don’t put it off any longer, because with an e-bike you could be having the best riding experience of your life right now! electric mountain bikes

Electric Mountain Bike | Best Mountain Bikes

Buyer's Guide, Comparison and Review

🚴‍♂️【High Quality Electric Mountain Bike 】Aluminum alloy frame with integrated battery pack has been tested rigorously to ensure high quality. Lightweight aluminum frame makes the bike has a good performance in most complicated road conditions. Equipped with top-notch cycling brand components like Shimano Gears, Tektro Disc brake, Kenda Tyre, KMC chain and others
🚴‍♂️【Poweful Motor and Long Range Battery】250W brushless motor with high capacity 450Wh(36V/12.5Ah) battery pack proivde strong power with max speed at 15.5 mile per hour and a range of 50~62 miles under electric assist mode and 25~31 miles under pure electric mode. A full charge takes 6-8 hours means it can easily be topped up overnight
🚴‍♂️【Pure Electric Mode & Electric Assist Mode】Pure Electric Mode – Flicking the throttle switch when the odometer displays 0 gear. The greater the pressure, the faster the speed. Electric Assist Mode – Pedaling when the odometer displays 1-5 gear, the larger the gear number, the less effort it takes
🚴‍♂️【Excellent Riding Experience】Equipped with 5 gears electric modes, 7-speeds-gear-Transmission System and Suspension Fork. You can choose any speed according to your needs while keep the balance between riding range and your energy. The perfect Tektro dual disc brakes fully protect your safety
🚴‍♂️【Pre-assembled】The electric bike already comes mostly pre-assembled so you won’t have to waste time with complicated assembly. The MACWHEEL is ready for adventure. It gives you the freedom to venture off the beaten path and enjoy the great outdoors

Eahora AM100 27.5inch 48V Mountain Electric Bicycle


FASTER & FARTHER 🚲🚲 AM100 electric bike is styled in 6061 Aluminum alloy frame, Air front suspension Fork, adjustable preload to match weight and riding style for a great riding experience. 350W Power Brushless Motor The Maximum Speed Can Reach 28MPH. 48V 10.4Ah Large Capacity Samsung Lithium Battery. Electric Mode Mileage: 45-50 miles, E-PAS Mode: 50-55 miles, Sport Mode: 60-80 miles. Ebike Weight: 60 LBS. Load Capacity: 300LBS.
EXCLUSIVE E-PAS SYSTEM 🚲🚲 The 350W ECO motor and intelligent controller is connected with E-PAS system. The E-PAS system recharge power back to battery when PAS level is 0 / 1 and speed exceeds 13mph. As you enjoy the downhill glide and speed of passion, E-PAS effectively extends the life of the motor and battery and allows your bike to have 55 miles trip distance, even more.
SHIMANO 9 GEAR SHIFTS SYSTEM 🚲🚲 Eahora mountain electric bicycle equipped with Adjustable Shimano 9-speed transmission system which increases hill-climbing power, further range variation, and greater terrain adaptability. Equipped with F/L Hydraulic Brakes, AM100 possesses a strong and responsive braking force that ensures complete control on a different surface. You can adjust the suitable speed to complete your journey.
FULL AIR SUSPENSION ELECTRIC BIKE 🚲🚲 Eahora AM100 mountain ebike equits with adjustable air suspension element, upgraded suspension fork with lockout and preload adjust. Adjustable preload to match weight and riding style, longer service life, better shock absorption, The highest saddle height to the ground is 1030mm and telescoping stem allow this electric bicycle to fit more riders. When you ride in the hills, give you the best off-road experience!
Customer Service 🚲🚲Eahora AM100 electric bike is 80% pre-assembled. It’s not hard to finish aseembly by yourself. The assembly service on this page is provided and charged by Amazon’s third-party company, if you can’t finish by yourself, click on the “Select Assembly ” button above; choose “Ship to store for assembly and pick up” if you need and we have a 24 hours online support team to assist.

NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike


Focus On Quality: Our exclusive E-bike frames and components have been rigorously tested to guarantee quality. We combined our manufacturing knowledge with Shimano, Tektro, and other top cycling brand components to create one of the best value electric mountain bikes on the market.
A Sturdy Frame: The 100% aluminium alloy frame and fork keep weight down while ensuring durability
Powerful Performance: Our custom 500W Das-Kit X15 rear-drive motor delivers exceptional in-class torque with a unique feature to increase power on steep inclines.
Display & Battery: A proprietary Das-Kit L7B display shows multiple indicators simultaneously and allows the user to set the power output of the battery and motor with 6 levels of pedal-assist. The high capacity DeHawk removable 48V Lithium-Ion battery allows for up to 75 miles of power-assisted travel. An integrated USB port lets you charge your smart devices on the go.
Smooth Riding: Shimano shifters, cranks, and derailleurs make up a smooth and versatile 21-speed system, while Tektro disc brakes ensure your safety with an added brake sensor (in the left lever) to turn off the motor. High quality Velo ergonomic grips stay comfortable on even the longest and toughest rides.

ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike


STRONGER 350W MOTOR —The mountain ebike SUNSHINE is equipped with 350W high speed brushless motor, providing more than enough to power your daily commute, a cruise on the mountain, or a meander along your favorite trail. With speeds up to 20 mph, It will get you there swiftly.
REMOVABLE BATTERY: With the 36V 10.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery, you can reach a range of up to 22-40 miles per charge. Plenty for a day’s adventure or most trips to travel and back. You can charge the battery on/off the ebike by your convenience. No worry for being stolen.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The Aluminum Alloy frame– light, strong and designed to last, makes it easy to maneuver. Aluminum Alloy double-walled rims are for greater durability as well as faster ride with less drag. A high- strength front suspension fork can take your riding comfort to the next level.
3 WORKING MODES — Ebike & Assisted bicycle & Normal bike. With the LED 4-speed smart meter button, you can choose the electric assist power according to your needs. You can add a burst of speed with the throttle, which is ideal for pulling away from traffic lights. Combining three modes would be a better choice.
SERVICE AVAILABLE — This bicycle arrives 85% assembled. It’s not hard to finish aseembly by yourself—Watch video on ANCHEER SPORT. The assembly service on this page is provided and charged by third-party company partnered with Amazon. If you can’t finish by yourself, you can click and choose the service.

NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike 468Wh 36V/13AH


Sturdy, light weight, easy handling: With a lightweight but sturdy aluminium alloy frame, the NCM Prague weighs in at 55lbs including electric components and maintains all the handling qualities of a regular mountain bike
Optimized electric system: The Das-Kit 350W rear-drive motor, 468Wh DeHawk battery and Das-Kit L6B LCD display and controller form the electronic system of the NCM Prague. Each component has been carefully selected to provide top quality performance and will help the rider reach 20mph with ease. The display offers 6 levels of pedal assistance (or level 0 if you don’t want any help) and the E-bike has a range of up to 60 miles in Eco mode.
Smooth trail riding with Suntour and Schwalbe: One of the biggest names in MTB fork design, the Suntour XCT comes with a ‘preload’ setting to customize to the user’s weight and riding style, making it adaptable to off-road and asphalt riding. Schwalbe Smart Sam tyres are designed to offer quality grip and riding efficiency on all road surfaces in all conditions.
Inspiring confidence with top components: Shimano shifters and derailleurs ensure that your drivetrain will remain smooth and responsive for a long time while Tektro mechanical disc brakes will keep you safe for just as long.

Electric bikes make more possible

E-bikes let you go farther and faster, and help you do more by bike. There’s an e-bike for everyone, no matter if you’ve never had a bike before, are coming back from an injury, want to keep up with faster riders, or just want to have fun on every single ride. E-bikes flatten hills, let you carry heavier loads, and help you cut back on car trips. The best part? You still get the benefits of a traditional bike, like exercise, time outside, and not having to sit in with traffic jams or find parking.

It’s easy and fun to get out and ride

Whether you’re coming back from an injury, can’t ride as far as you’d like anymore, or are just thinking about getting a bike for the first time, electric bikes are an awesome option. The extra boost helps you get out for exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and put less strain on your body than a traditional bike.

Ride farther, faster, and right up hills

If hills are discouraging you from riding a bike, electric bikes are the perfect solution! The boost will help you power right up hills, and it amplifies your level of fitness so longer, faster trips are always within reach. No more worrying whether or not you can make it!

Replace car trips and commutes

Electric bikes make long bike commutes super feasible, and make any commute more enjoyable and much less sweaty than on a traditional bike. Plus, the boost lets you carry more on errand runs, giving you yet another reason to take your e-bike instead of your car! You can feel good about getting exercise while lessening your impact on the environment.

How do electric bikes work?

Electric bikes work by using an electric motor and battery to help you power your bike. The battery powers the motor, and you control the amount of power the system outputs using the controller. There are two main methods by which power is transferred from the drive system to your bike, and those are pedal assist and throttle control.

Pedal assist electric bikes
On pedal assist electric bikes, you control the amount of assist the system gives you and the assist only kicks in when you pedal. The motor amplifies the power behind each of your pedal strokes, providing a natural riding feeling that makes it seem like your legs are supercharged!

Electric bikes with throttles
These bikes let you use a twist throttle to engage the drive system. When the bike is in this mode you don’t have to be pedaling to be powered by the electric motor. Throttle bikes can be dangerous, as it’s easy to get out of control if you’re not paying attention. E-bikes with throttles are only allowed in certain areas, so be sure to check your local regulations before purchaing one.

How fast are electric bikes?

Electric bike speed is dependent on the capabilty and construction of the motor, and maximum electric bike speeds are regulated by law. Most e-bikes in the US will assist up to 20 mph. You can go faster than that, like when you’re zipping down a hill, but the motor will stop assisting once you reach 20 mph. At speeds lower than 20 mph, your speed is dependent on what gear you’re in, how much you’re pedaling, and what level of assist you choose. Different levels of assist will help you move faster by providing more power. For example, turbo mode provides the highest level of assist, and would help you go your fastest.

Fast electric bikes
Speed electric bikes or speed pedelecs have special motors that assist up to 28 mph in the US. These bikes are favored by commuters and avid riders who want to go a long distance in a short amount of time. This kind of e-bike is only allowed in certain areas, so be sure to check your local regulations before purchasing a speed e-bike.

What are electric bike classes?

Electric bikes are divided into three main types or classes based on what sort of motor they have, whether or not they have a throttle, and how fast they go. It’s important to know which classes of e-bikes are legal in the areas where you’ll ride.

Class 1 electric bikes (low-speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle)
A bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and that ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches 20 mph.

Class 2 electric bikes (low-speed throttle-assisted electric bicycle)
A bicycle equipped with a motor that may be used exclusively to propel the bicycle, and that is not capable of providing assistance when the bicycle reaches 20 mph.

Class 3 electric bikes (speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle)
A bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and that ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches 28 mph.


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